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Recruitment (sort of) Open

Recruitment for WoD is over! However, we are always looking for exceptional and experienced raiders to strengthen our roster.

We currently have no shadow priest on the roster, so if you’re an amazing SP, please take 5 minutes and apply.

All raiders are required to attend this meeting at 8 pm EST. If you do not show up or do not let an officer know, we will assume you are not raiding in WoD. A calendar event has been sent in game, please go online and hit accept.

Now Recruiting For 25 Man

This week we started our 25 man raids. Tuesday we downed 11/14H and Wednesday Siege Crafter fell over in short order. Congrats to everyone who got their achievements. We are still in high need of a Ret Pally, Balance Druid, WW and Rogue. Even if the recruitment for your class is closed and you’re an exceptional player do not hesitate to apply. We consider all applications.